Real Estate

Real Estate Closings

We have handled thousands of closings at Bansley | Anthony. We work with you to try to ensure smooth closing process. It is essential that all parties involved communicate and coordinate. Here, we understand that we have to be on the same page as you, the realtor, the mortgage broker, and the other side’s attorney. Many do not understand the intricate details involved in a closing from coordinating payoffs, utility pro rating, taxes, insurance, and all of the other essential elements of a closing.

It is always beneficial to contact to us BEFORE you enter a contract to ensure we review what you are signing. But, even after a contract has been signed, our attention to detail and professionalism ensure your closing is conducted to perfection with the many moving parts.

If you are buying or selling property, anywhere in the state of Connecticut, please contact the real estate closing attorneys at Bansley | Anthony for advice and assistance on your next step.