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Criminal defense lawyers differ from your average attorney because they have experience with defending those facing criminal charges. There are many different types of lawyers, and when you face a criminal charge, you don’t want to hire a bankruptcy lawyer or a divorce lawyer. Just as you would see an ophthalmologist instead of a pediatrician if you are having an issue with your eyes, you want to hire a criminal defense attorney when charged with a criminal offense. Bansley Anthony is comprised of criminal defense lawyers eager to help you with an arrest for:

We know that oftentimes, law enforcement agents, prosecutors, and even judges get the facts wrong. At Bansley Anthony, we come up with creative, solid defenses for our clients. We promise to defend you to the best of our abilities and support you during this difficult time. Please contact us here for a free consultation in which we can discuss your case and begin building your defense.

Assault Defense

From the moment you are charged with assault, you should have a criminal defense lawyer advocating for your rights. This is because assault cases involve a victim or multiple victims that can come to court and greatly impact your case. When you hire Bansley Anthony, we get to work right away for you. We are able to find and attack the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, which can help the case resolve in your favor. Whether negotiating with the prosecution or defending you in court, we are equipped to handle your assault accusation.

Because of our law firm’s experience with assault cases, we can create a unique defense for you that not many other Connecticut lawyers can. Whether we are finding witnesses not mentioned in the police report, proving that you were not the aggressor in the confrontation, or obtaining videos documenting the incident, we are prepared to build the best defense for you.

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DUI Defense

A DUI charge can change your whole life. All of a sudden, you have to fight to save your driver’s license and prove your innocence in court – all while dealing with the embarrassment of being accused of a crime. At this time, your life might seem out of control. To regain control, you need help from a professional. This is where Bansley Anthony comes in.

At Bansley Anthony, we have a reputation of protecting our clients’ rights and fighting for their innocence. By putting one of our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers in your corner, the stress and uncertainty of the DUI case can be taken off of you so that you can focus on the personal issues that a DUI charge provokes. Learn what we can do for you by contacting us today.

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Drug Defense

The drug laws in the state of Connecticut are tough, and in many cases, police officers and prosecutors will not take the time to get the true facts of your situation. This is why you need someone on your side who can fight for you and present the true facts of your case in court. This is where we come in. We fight for our clients and show the judge and the prosecutor in your case the whole story. We can establish the facts surrounding your arrest in court to prove your character and your innocence.

We can also protect your rights and make sure that illegally conducted searches or illegally obtained evidence is not used against you in court. If a substance abuse problem has led to your arrest, we can work with the judge to determine the best court resolution for you. At Bansley Anthony, we can give you the help that you need to get your life back on track. We always fight for our clients and provide the best defense possible in court. To protect your rights and build your defense, contact us today.

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Larceny & Theft

When you are accused of stealing, you might feel ashamed and afraid. The arresting officer certainly doesn’t know your side of the story, and in order to express what really happened, you need a committed advocate by your side. Let a Bansley Anthony attorney be that advocate for you. We can negotiate with the prosecution to help you resolve the best result. If negotiation is not possible, we will build your defense to get you a positive result at trial.

There are two major forms of larceny cases. The first type of larceny occurs when a person has access to funds and using these funds in a misguided way. The second type occurs when a professional operation uses its technology in order to steal products from stores and resell them for a profit. In our experience, our clients have larceny cases that fall under the first category.

No matter what type of larceny charge you face, hiring an attorney at Bansley Anthony is in your best interest. We can separate you from the more serious repeat larceny offenders, which can reduce your punishment. In addition, if you are asked to pay restitution, we will be sure to check where this restitution is going and make sure that it is not inflated. Contact us today to discuss how we can protect you and your rights if you have been accused of larceny.

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Domestic Violence & Defense

A domestic violence allegation in the state of Connecticut can be serious. You might find that you have been ordered to stay away from your home, or even your children. However, these punishments may not be necessary, especially before your case is even heard in court. Unfortunately, the Connecticut domestic violence laws are set up to benefit the victim at your expense. You may face permanent orders barring you from carrying on your everyday routine, multiple court appearances, hefty fees, and more.

To carry on with your normal life, you need a knowledgeable and dedicated domestic violence defense attorney on your side. A lawyer that knows the laws, the court system, and the proper defense for your case can help you during this difficult time. This is where we come in. Our law firm has lawyers who are dedicated to the defense of domestic violence defendants. For assistance with your case, contact us for a free consultation. In the meantime, check out the information on this page about the domestic violence laws in Connecticut, penalties, and defenses.

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