Drug Defense Lawyer for Military


Drug Defense

Being arrested for drug possession or another drug related crime can have an impact on many different careers. It can be hard to find a job when you have a conviction on your record. One type of career that can be compromised by a drug charge is a career with the military. Whether you want to apply for the military or you are currently in the military, a drug arrest and conviction can impact your job. For this reason, it is important to protect yourself against a drug conviction to the best of your abilities.

If you are currently being charged with a drug crime, you should do everything that you can to have the case dismissed in your favor. This will ultimately have a positive effect on your military career. If you want to apply to the military in the future, your application might be compromised by a criminal conviction. An arrest and conviction can also cause you to be dismissed from the military or face other penalties if you are already in the military at the time of your arrest.

The best way that you can protect yourself from a drug charge and save your career in the military is by avoiding the conviction through the help of a criminal defense lawyer. However, because you are interested in how a drug arrest will impact a military career, you should not hire just any criminal defense lawyer. Ideally, you want to hire a lawyer who has experience with drug crimes and military law. Bansley Anthony has experience in both of these areas and as veterans ourselves, we can help you save your military career if you’re facing a drug charge. You can learn more here, and if you’re interested in discussing your case with a professional, contact us here.


Avoiding a drug conviction

If possible, the best case scenario for you is to avoid a drug conviction altogether. If you are thinking about applying to the military, a drug conviction will make it difficult for you to join or will disqualify you altogether. The following are the effects that a drug conviction will have on joining various branches of the military:


Air Force

You will not be allowed to enlist in the air force if you have a drug abuse issue or if you have been convicted of a drug related crime.



You may never enlist in the army, the army national guard, or the U.S. army reserves if you have had issues with:

  • Drug dependency.
  • Alcoholism
  • Chronic marijuana dependency.
  • Testing positive for drugs or alcohol.
  • Being convicted of trafficking, distributing, or selling any type of drug.


Marine Corps

You may get a waiver for recreational drug or alcohol use which will allow you to still qualify for the Marine Corps. However, dependency on drugs or alcohol is an automatic disqualification from the Marine Corps. A conviction for selling drugs is also grounds for disqualification. Other drug-related crimes can potentially be waived in your application, but if you fail a drug test, you will be immediately disqualified. Likewise, if you are already a member of the Marine Corps and you fail a drug test, you will be discharged.

In addition, if you are currently involved in a civil or criminal case, you cannot enlist in the Marine Corps.



To be eligible for the Navy, you cannot have any felony convictions or charges pending against you. In addition, you may not have any drug crime convictions if you want to apply for the Navy.


If you are already in the Military

If you are already a military member and have recently been arrested, you will face unique consequences that the average civilian does not. While you will face a regular criminal court process just as the average person does, you will also face punishments imposed by the military. These penalties can include suspensions, having privileges taken away, having your rank reduced, or even being discharged from the military under certain circumstances. To make sure that this does not happen, you need to defend yourself against the charges that you are facing.

The penalties that you face for being arrested for a drug-related crime will vary based on the factors of your case. Factors such as if you were arrested by a civilian police officer or military personnel, your criminal history, your rank, and more, will impact your case and the penalties that you face.

Being a member of the military will mean that you face more stress and potential consequences than the average person arrested for a drug crime. To protect yourself and put your mind at ease, you should consider contacting us. We have experience in military law and criminal defense, so we can help you with your civilian criminal court process and the charges that are brought against you by the military. For more information and to discuss your particular situation, you can contact us here. We offer free consultations, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by picking up the phone and calling today.