Domestic Violence Lawyer for Military

Domestic Violence

Being accused of domestic violence can be embarrassing. What’s more, it can be frightening, as you are facing serious consequences if you are convicted. While you are probably stressed and upset enough while dealing with a domestic violence charge, there are additional issues that you have to consider if you are in the military. This is because criminal convictions can greatly impact certain careers, including a career in the military. If you are interested in applying for the military, or if you are already in the military, a domestic violence conviction can greatly affect your career. For this reason, you have to protect yourself from a domestic violence conviction to the best of your abilities.

The best way to prevent a domestic violence conviction and protect your rights is to hire a criminal defense lawyer experienced in domestic violence cases. Many lawyers market themselves as criminal defense lawyers, but this does not necessarily mean that they have specific experience with the charge that you are facing. At Bansley Anthony, we have worked with domestic violence cases and helped our clients accused of this crime. What’s more, we have experience with military law and have helped members of the military who have been charged with a crime. Our knowledge and experience with these types of cases qualify us to help you during this difficult time. For more information, you can contact us for a free consultation.

Criminal conviction’s impact on military application

If you are interested in applying for the military, you might not be able to with a domestic violence conviction on your record. You can be disqualified from the following military services if you have been convicted of domestic violence:


The consequences of being convicted of domestic violence will be determined case-by-case, but if you are convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, you could be potentially discharged from military service. As all servicemembers know, the Department of Defense has taken specific measures to rid the Armed Forces of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. If you have a Domestic Violence allegation, certain laws such as the Lautenberg Amendment may apply. This law states that anyone convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence will be committing a felony if they transport, ship, receive, or possess ammunition or firearms. Since being qualified and potentially carrying a weapon is a requirement of a servicemember it may mean that you will no longer be able to serve in the military if convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.


Your weapons will be confiscated.


You won’t have access to service schools where you can get ammunition or weapons.


You will be barred from re-enlisting in the military.


You will not receive any promotions.

It is important to keep in mind that the Lautenberg Amendment only applies to misdemeanor convictions of domestic violence. If you are accused of a similar crime, such as assault, you will not face an automatic discharge. Instead, you might receive penalties such as being court-martialed, losing privileges in the military, facing a suspension, and more. However, it is important to know that if you are charged with assault, this crime can qualify as domestic violence, and you might end up facing the laws outlined in the Lautenberg Amendment anyway.
If charged with domestic violence, you face civilian punishments in addition to military consequences. These punishments include having a restraining order put in place against you, paying fines, serving jail or prison time, attending an anger management or similar treatment program, serving probation, completing community service hours, and more.
If you are being charged with any type of assault crime, you should get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer who has experience in military law immediately. A lawyer can explain to you what charges you are facing, the conviction you face, and the civilian as well as the military penalties of a conviction. Getting informed can help you build your defense and prepare for what is ahead. A domestic violence conviction can have a devastating impact on your career in the military, and you must be prepared to fight the charge to the best of your abilities. For assistance from a professional, you can contact Bansley Anthony here. We are happy to support you and fight for your rights during this difficult situation.