About the Firm

We started Bansley|Anthony|Burdo because we are a group of lawyers who hold the same values routed in our military background – HONOR. COURAGE. COMMITMENT.

We are military veterans. We are proud of our service, proud of those who served before us, and proud of those who continue to serve our country.

Our passion for protecting America easily translated to our passion for protecting the rights of our clients – no matter who they are or where they come from. Over the years, we have worked with many active members of the military and veterans of the military. We are honored to help members of the military with their legal issues and make sure that they receive the justice that they fought to protect. With a history in military service, we understand military law and military defense and look forward to the opportunity to protect the rights of those who have served our country.

Our service, however, is not just limited to those from the military. We fight for all. We are loyal to our clients and aggressively advocate for them. We are straight shooters.

Our Firm military history began with Attorney Walter Bansley III, the founding member of the Firm. Walt III served 20 years active duty in the United States Marine Corps from 1972-1992. Walt III’s character and experience is the founding pillar of Bansley|Anthony|Burdo.

At the time of Walt III’s retirement from the Marine Corps, he had prosecuted or defended hundreds of jury cases. His service is noteworthy and, in 1992, it is reported that his military career was recognized through film. The character of Lt. Daniel Kaffee in A Few Good Men, played by Tom Cruise, is reportedly that of Walt III.

In 2004, Walt IV joined his father at the Firm. Prior to joining the Firm, Walt IV paid his military dues as well. Following his 1997 Boston University graduation, Walt IV was commissioned in the United States Marine Corps, ultimately attaining the rank of Captain. Walt IV, now the managing partner at the Firm, handles the Firm’s criminal defense practice.

In 2012, the Bansley|Anthony|Burdo military service history continued when Attorney Keith Anthony joined the firm. Keith also served active duty in the Marine Corps as a Judge Advocate General. Keith handles the firm’s personal injury and family practice. To this day, Keith continues in the Marine Corps Reserves and specializes in the Firm’s military practice, helping active duty and veterans with unique issues from military divorce, personal injury, discharge, and disability claims.

At Bansley|Anthony|Burdo, our tradition of serving our country and protecting the rights of it’s citizens goes beyond the practice of law. Our history with the military is part of who we are, and even though we have retired from the military, we are happy to continue helping our fellow citizens through our Firm’s practice. We are admitted to practice in: